May 04, 2009

Maryland Sheep & Wool

On Saturday, my friend SojournKnitting and I went to MDSW. We hopped a bus in midtown (Manhattan) thanks to Eve who arranged the whole trip, and we rode for hours to get to an event that was more than worth it. Not only was it a quick ride (almost no traffic), but I had good company.

The weather was horrible all the way down there, and I had visions of slogging around in mud and sheep pooh, but when we got there it was cool and eventually the sun kind of came out. So we went in every barn, booth, and stall - twice - at least. It was amazing.

When I went, I had visions of lugging home a spinning wheel. I saw my Kromski Polonaise there on a table begging me to take it home. Begging! But I held out. And I want that wheel like a fat boy wants cake, so imagine how I was drooling.


There were cutie pie sheep:

And there was the loot (yum!):

And la piece de resistance, my Signature Collection needles:

Beautiful, expensive and worth it! Middy points:

Two different tops (talk about LOVE!):

I'm so happy I want to start someting on every set! And they come with their own little pouches! How cool is that?

And when I made my purchase, they gave me a scratch off card for 10% off my next Signature Collection purchase.
I see some double points in my Signature Collection future.

Of course, the needles forced me over my budget, but there's always Rhinebeck (October 17).

And what's a sheep & wool festival without funnel cake? I snacked like there was no tomorrow.

It was a wonderful trip, and a wonderful day.

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  1. Those needles are the cat's meow! I liken them to regal septres for the queen of all the cashmere she surveys. Do let me know how they flow when you cast on.