September 20, 2013

Knitter's Block

My deal is that I don't wind yarn into balls until I'm ready to use it, but lately I've been wanting to knit everything and I've balled up 5 skeins of yarn.  For what?  My best intentions are getting me nowhere.

I finally decided to pull out the Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine (433yds/400m) in colorway #1285 generously donated to me by Sojourn Knitter:

My intention was to use it to make Jared Flood's Knoll Mittens, a pattern gifted to me by the same friend.  It calls for fingering weight yarn held double, but if I double this yarn I won't have enough yarn.  Back to the pattern board.

Whenever I get to this place (startitis), socks are my fallback project.   Elderflower Wine socks seemed interesting to me, so I decided to go with it.  The yarn seems thin, but alpaca is warm so it should keep my feet warm, right?

My uncle asked me to make him a pair of knee socks that he can wear while riding his motorcycle.  He said his pant leg rises up over his boot and those 2 inches of exposed leg get cold.  He wears a size 12 shoe so I need a lot of yardage.  In my stash I found this yarn:

Pagewood Farms Denali in lavender fields, 450 yards, purchased at Simply Socks (which is a great place to buy sock yarn at reasonable prices).  The yarn is mostly green with light green and gold, and the yarn is not self striping, but I suspect it's going to pool.   Is it too 'girly' for a guy?  Or should I ball up some worsted weight yarn?

I offered to make him boot toppers, but he said he wanted a whole sock.  That's like a million yards of something for his 'flappers'!  And my aunt wants a matching pair.  Yikes!  I am happy that she only needs a size 8 sock.

I'm pretty sure that what I'm suffering is startitis.  The weather is changing and I want to knit! Finally my mojo is in full swing and I need to strike while the iron is hot!  All I have to do is pick something and knit it.  How hard can that be?

I have a Loop bullseye bump on the wheel:

I'm almost finished spinning it up.  The batt practically filled up the bobbin and I don't have a bobbin big enough to ply it onto. Oy!  I thought about leaving it as a single ply, felting it (dunking it in really hot water, then dunking it in really cold water, repeat until you're satisfied), but I'm afraid I won't be able to hide the unevenness of the spinning.

So, while I'm complaining about having too much yarn (I should be ashamed of myself for complaining!) and not being able to make a settle on a single project, I'm just going to knit on these socks until the right spirit moves me.

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