September 12, 2013

Handspun Happiness

One project at a time is my motto today.  Mainly because I only have one set of 16" US #4 needles and I'm trying to power through this project before I get sidetracked.

I spun a braid of yarn and wound the yarn into a ball (Pumpkin Mama Vines, Shetland)

And now I'm making the Eleanor Cowl, I hope I use it all! (237 yards of squishy goodness).  The instructions for this cowl are crystal clear - right after you get past row one.  If I understood the directions it would have saved me some frustration, so if you're going to make this cowl yourself, start with a purl cast on and then follow the rest of the directions.

My camera picks up all of the colors in this cowl, but when you see it in person, the colors are much more subtle.  It also appears to be striping in some weird kind of way, but it's all good.  I'll find something to wear it with, whether it matches or not.

The very clever Mel from the Single Handed Knits Ravelry group has set up a thread where you pick a buddy to knit with.  You and your buddy can work on a project that is either the same yarn, the same color or the same project - or all three.

My buddy Jellybean picked me!  She lives all the way down in Australia and she is amazing!  She's funny, kind, so helpful, and I'm enjoying our project time together.  She and I have already made a pair of socks together, and now we're working on the cowl.  If I ever get to Australia, I'm going to buy her dinner.

This project is going pretty quick and I'm hoping to get it done by next week sometime so I can get to the Willow Cowl for the NY Sheep and Wool Festival on October 19th.  Do you want to be my knitting buddy?  The pattern is free, all you need is one skein of sock yarn that you think is too pretty to go inside a shoe.

I signed up for a rigid heddle weaving class at Stitches East in Hartford, Connecticut the week before the NY Sheep and Wool Festival.  I'm hoping to make use of my rigid heddle loom since it's sitting in the spare room collecting dust.  Warping is the enemy that I need to defeat, and I'm hoping this class will help me slay that dragon.

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