September 26, 2013

For Better

I was happily knitting along on my Elderflower Wine socks until I got to the heel.  There were several issues that could have been overcome if I had the required number of brain cells willing to devote, and/or if I had a burning desire.

I had neither, so here's what happened to the sock:

I can't say it wasn't an enjoyable knit because it was, but the color was wrong, the yarn was wrong and my desire for a challenge ended when I got to the heel flap and the chart symbols looked like hieroglyphics to me.  I'm not the most clever knitter in the world, and I'll admit that I can only count up to 59 before I get confused (What age will I become after I turn 59? Can I go backwards like I do with knitting where 59 becomes 48?).

So adios Elderflower Wine.  I'll meet up with you another day with another yarn and more will power.

After the sock came undone, I was frustrated.  I needed to use up this yarn because putting it back into stash was not an option.  It was Saturday, I was lounging around after knitting class as if the house would clean itself, and I came up with the Honey Badger Sock.  I cast on and by Tuesday I got this far:

It practically flew off the needles.  Talk about Socks 101!  Easy 14 row repeat and patterning on only two of those rows.  It is well suited for the yarn since no pattern seems to show up with this yarn.  I cast on 66 stitches with my Hiya Hiya US #2 needles and the sock is loose, but it's fine for me.  If I had used a smaller needle I risk doing all that knitting on a sock that wouldn't fit.

After one sock, I needed a break from the yarn, so ...

Way back in April 2013, I started working on the French Cancan with Tracey.  She had a deadline, I did not.  Hers was long made by the time I decided which yarn I wanted to use.  When I finally decided on the Elsebeth Lavold silky wool, I got to work on the shawl.  Then, for whatever reason, I put the shawl down.  Maybe it was too much garter stitch, maybe something else caught my eye.

Whatever the reason, this week I decided I needed the needles and went from this:

To this:

And then the unthinkable happened with only two rows to go:

I ran out of yarn!  Now don't get me wrong, because you might remember that in January at Vogue Knitting Live I bought this much silky wool:

So, where is it?  I put it 'up' so I don't know where it is.  Maybe it's in a bin somewhere.  Maybe I made something else and the yarn is gone.  Maybe it's at your house.  Maybe I'll find it, maybe I won't.  Two. rows.  Really, I hate myself for not remembering.

Now I have to go digging, so if you hear someone howling at the moon tonight, that will be me.

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