September 29, 2013

Another Skein Down

I finished the Honey Badger socks in record time:

I say 'record' time because while I was making them, I also made a Willow Cowl and finished the French Cancan shawl.

These are nice socks, made with Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine in the oceanic mix colorway and US #2 needles.  If I made them again it would be in a variegated yarn or at least a lighter color so that the design element would show up better.   Still, they're good enough for me.

The yarn wasn't that soft in a ball, but as socks they got softer, and they're 'hairy' which is what I expect from alpaca.

Mind you, in order to get a picture of the socks outside, I had to feed the 5 mangy cats so they would leave the front of my house.   I can't get away from them!

This is the only time they're peaceful:

I'm going to have to have to call someone to come get them because they're not going to last through the winter with no food.  And the food they don't eat (as in the steak someone put out for them.  If I get a steak it won't be for the cats, that's for sure!) attracts raccoons.  I feel a little bad about that, but no one has tried to make friends with them or take them home and I already have a cat.

So now I'm off to my wheel for some spinning.  SpinZilla is coming up real soon and I don't want to be the team member that produces the least amount of yardage.  I'd like to be somewhere in the middle, even if it's near the bottom.

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