October 10, 2009


This Rivendell sock is going so well that I might make another pair - a pair that actually fits me.

Originally, I thought to make these socks for myself, but halfway through I realized I was using a US #1 instead of a US #2 so the fit is kind of snug at my calf (which is as sturdy as a Redwood tree).

No worries, though. I promised my neighbor Amanda a pair of socks and since she's got skinny ankles and calves, they are a perfect fit. She's already in love with the socks, so all that knitting is not wasted effort. Whew, I thought I was going to have to rip them back.

The yarn is soft and pretty, but not really to my taste. I liked it better in the skein because it didn't look so yellow/beige. I prefer 'sassy' colors for my socks, and I've got just the color in mind.

Anyway, knitting has been therapeutic, so I'm going to get back to it. Meanwhile I'm going to start dreaming up my next project which will have to be a holiday gift or else I'm going to fall behind.

Happy knitting to you.

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