October 15, 2009

OK, So I Cheated

The Rivendell socks are done and they are lovely and perfect and minus even the most minor flaw:

These socks are too cute! I just wish they fit me, but they don't. I knew that halfway through. Still, they're going to my neighbor, Amanda and even though I finished them on her birthday (yesterday), they weren't dry from blocking until the today.

Pattern: Rivendell from The Eclectic Sole by Janel Laidman
Yarn: Fleece Artist - basic sock yarn
Needles: US #1 DPNs
I used less than one skein and I have one left. If I make these socks again (and I probably will), it won't be with this yarn.

And now about the cheating.

The ladies from the knitting group and I are going to Rhinebeck on Saturday. I asked them all to pack a small project that they could knit on the way there - if they wanted to. We agreed that we would all make mittens. So, I offered a prize to the person that had gotten the farthest on their project by the end of the trip. The prize - a whopping 25 cents. (Don't be jealous!)

I asked them to cast on before the trip began so that they could get right to the knitting, but I asked them not to start until we were on the bus. I also informed them that I would be cheating so that I could win the 25 cents.

True to my word, I got this far:

These mittens are ridiculously easy to make. They match absolutely nothing I own. Are gloves/mittens supposed to match anything? But they are as comfortable as any pair of socks I've made. Of course, I could always dye them, I guess.

The other mitten will be done by tomorrow and I've already started. This is sooo cheating, but hey, that's 25 cents less I'll have paid for my entrance fee into Rhinebeck, so it's worth it. I am such a cheater!

Pattern: Feminine Mittens by Amanda Berka from Knitting Daily (you have to be a member to get the pattern)
Yarn: Oceana from Sock Pixie (sock yarn)
Needles: US #3 DPNs

I'm sorry about cheating (no I'm not) and I won't do it again (maybe) and the ladies shouldn't feel bad about being cheated out of 25 cents. Besides, after my grand announcement that I would be cheating in the first place - I'm not sure if anyone else cheated - which is just plain wrong.

There should only be ONE cheater per group (me).

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