October 19, 2009

Oh Rhinebeck!

The ladies from the knitting group and I went to Rhinebeck again this year and even though every news station predicted rain/snow and freezing cold temperatures, but it ended up a warm, but muggy day. We were all overdressed.

This is only my second time going to Rhinebeck, but I must have learned the ropes because I came home with an armful of beautiful fiber (which I don't need, but wanted) and pockets full of no money! I was never so happy to see my money go! Of course, I may have second thoughts about that when I'm eating mayonnaise sandwiches for the rest of the year. And I had the nerve to actually order a wheel! So I might be writing to you from debtor's prison one of these days.

I was tickled at how the sheep just looked at me when I called "Hey, sheepy, sheepy, sheep". They looked right at me! This year's featured sheep was this little lady, a Leicester Longwool:

Cute, right? But not as cute as my new favorite sheep. This little lady was the cutest sheep on the block:

I think it's a Scottish Black Face sheep, and she looked right at the camera while the baby in front of here was just bleating away. I'm not sure if the Mama was being friendly and photogenic or if she thought I was going to steal her baby and she was preparing to head butt me, but she sure was cute.

The colors on the way up were beautiful, but the bus was going so fast, all I could do was hang my camera out the window and snap away. I erased all the green tree pictures and hoped that I caught some of the colors along the highway which were primarily oranges and reds. I love the changing of the trees along I-95.

We left the Bronx at 7:30a and spent the day overdressed and walking up and down the hills at the festival. We left at 2p and everyone had a bag of something that they were happy with, but the day took it's toll on us and we were so tired that the mitten contest was kind of a bust.

All of my cheating was for naught! Instead, we had a raffle and I hope to be able to get a picture of the prize and the winner, Amparo. But all was not lost. I ended up with 2 mittens and a hat. It was my plan to keep them for myself, but someone asked for them and if you know me, I just can't say no.

That's it for now.

I have got to get back to my holiday knitting or else a lot of folks are not going to get the things they asked for!

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  1. Okay, now what wheel did you order? Inquiring minds want to know. I've always wanted to go to Rhinebeck. Sounds like you had a blast!