October 01, 2009

50 Rows

I'm nearing the end of the Baltic Sea Stole. It is a pile of ivory goodness and the fact that I'm near the end has given me renewed strength. I can go on.

With only 50 rows to go and still a half box of Madeleines to eat, I'd say I'm going to survive the great wedding stole caper. By my figuring (and you know how bad I am with math), I'll be done in 5 days. Yes, a deadline will do the trick nicely.

After this it's going to be socks, mittens and more socks and mittens. Maybe even a hat. I've got lots of plans for small things that go quickly and require one skein or less of yarn. I won't be picky, but I will be quick.

And I will contemplate carefully before I take on another big project. I'm going to give myself time to grow back the clumps of hair I pulled out making this stole.

Audra, if you're reading this, I hope your marriage lasts one year for each of the 3,570 stitches in the stole, every single one of them knit with love. And some of my hair.

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