October 30, 2009

All Over the Place

There's always a lot to do at my house, but it's all housework so instead of coming home from work and going for the laundry basket, I went for Audra's Baltic Sea Stole and took it for a bath. Here it is looking like a bowl of oatmeal:

After the bath I laid it out on the blocks I bought from Toys R Us. I would guess it's a little over 6' long which should be long enough. Here's a sideways shot of that:

I think it's going to be more than enough shawl to wear with her wedding dress, and it's sheer enough not to take anything away from the dress (I hope). I'll include the details when I get the final pictures.

And then Christmas came early at my house! Look what my mother got me (thanks Mom!):

Yep, my very own Kindle! Nothing says you don't know squat about technology than when you get yourself something like a Kindle that you don't know how to operate. I'm only a techno-genius in my mind, and I'm known for saying things like, "All you have to do is ...", and "You just need to ..." - like I would know. NOT! I'm still fighting with my digital camera!

I called Amazon to find out why the Kindle I have isn't the smaller version I saw online. The guy who took my call (God bless his heart) said he didn't understand the question.

For a minute there I thought I was the smart one in the conversation because I knew exactly what I was talking about. "Why is my Kindle so big?" I asked. "I thought it was supposed to be the same size as a paperback book".

"Ma'am", (I hate it when they call me that), "according to the paperwork you have the latest version which is the same size as a book - not a paperback - and it's smaller than the bigger original version which you probably saw online. The latest version is smaller than the original, and it has different capabilities".

"Oh." (Was that a flash of light? ... That was my brain turning on for the first time today.) "Well OK then ... call me when you start making the Kindle in blue, and have a nice day." That guy probably thought I was an idiot!

So I called my friend Sojourn Knitter and asked: "Is sleep mode different than turning the Kindle off?" The answer is yes - and she told me how to turn it off and how to let it go into sleep mode.

I don't deserve a Kindle. I should pack it up and send it back to Amazon with an apology note. But I'm going to keep it, never read the instructions and I'm going to keep Amazon on speed dial.

Meanwhile, I wanted to know which credit card the books I was ordering were being billed to, so instead of editing my information on Amazon, I found a book online that cost $0.00. After I clicked download, I worried that I might have got the book free with access to something I didn't want, but no, the book arrived safely (minus fine print with links to porno) and it went to the right credit card.

Finally, I decided to make another pair of booties from one of my baby knitting books and when I opened the book, I found the circular needles (in the package!) that I'd been looking for since forever (months!). Apparently I was using it as a bookmark.

OK, the phone is ringing and I'm sure it's MENSA wanting me to become a member.

Happy knitting to you.

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  1. LOL-can't stop laughing, thanks! :o))))