March 03, 2009


The green cupcake hat went to charity. Pretty's head is NOT overly large and I was right that my sense of proportion is 'off' because of the preemie project.

Also, I need to thank Cathy Bautista and her fellow knitters: Mary Tokas, Lynn Bonivita and Bea Carlino for their generous donation of handknit goodies for the preemies (pictures soon). You ladies donated more than I would dare to ask for and your efforts are greatly appreciated. I have no words but thank you.

Cathy mentioned that her group was working on hats and scarves, so I decided to 'quick' work on this one to donate. The entrelac pattern can be found here, the yarn is Kauni (EJ) from Little Knits which was left over after making my Nana's shawl, and the needles are size US size 3. The amount of yarn will determine the length of the scarf.

I'm not the only one on board with making scarves and hats. My circle hopes to have some for your circle very soon.

To those of you who asked: no, I did not sew the buttons on my Tangled Yoke sweater - yet. But I'm going to. I mean it. And to Nancy R. who was willing to accept the sweater as a gift without buttons - thanks, but I'm keeping it for myself.

To Aylin O. - that fair aisle sweater will get done one day. Yeah, I know I HAD TO HAVE the pattern and yarn. Now that the newness has worn off - I have to pace myself with all those colors and my fear of steeking. Besides, if I keep my good karma UP, then I won't have to talk about my sweater 'rage and frustration' ... and other words, like ... fire ... car tires ... and the 'g' word ...

To those who asked, yes, I am working on my holiday gifts, so far I'm mostly done with one lace scarf. I don't know what's going to happen with the green one since the nupps don't show up as well. I'm in thinking mode on that one.

Lastly, no my cat (Miss Kitty) does not hate me. She just resents the time I spend with yarn. One of these days I'll be quick enough to catch a picture of her in 'high karate' mode, you know, when she's on her hind legs with her front paws up in the air with claws bared. She's just playing! The fact that I haven't needed stitches is a sure sign she's scratching me with care.

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  1. Its been over 3 years!!! Of course the newness has worn off. What did you expect, the newness to last forever???? So how is the baby boy's project comming along? I think you should post progress pictures to get comments from your audience ;)