March 06, 2009

Spring Ahead

If you live on the Eastern seaboard then you know that this weekend we're observing Daylight Saving Time (also known as Eastern Daylight Time or EDT). This is the weekend you're supposed to roll your clocks forward. Forward - as in 'lose' and hour.

Now, it won't be noon when I roll out of bed it'll be 1:00p. Let me explain the unfairness of it all:

It's my day to sleep late, wake up, and still be able take a nap. It's my day to tie up all the loose ends of the work week while knitting. Moving the clocks forward is robbing me of an hour of power. It's just not right!

Sunday is my day and the only day of the week when I get to make sure my queendom (house) is running like a well oiled machine. On any given Sunday, you can usually find me in the command center (my bedroom), in full war regalia (pajamas) with all of my commandos around me (Entemanns, iced tea or hot coffee, and the TV Guide).

I try to keep my army (son) on his toes by making sure to issue innocuous orders, and ask pertinent (crazy, he says) questions, like: "Jay - the garbage goes out to the curb tonight! Did you do your laundry/feed the cat/clean your room/finish your homework?". He says 'yes' to all my questions because he KNOWS that any other answer will cause all-out warfare and our war doesn't officially start until 8:00p.

(That's when he tells me that he needs special materials for a project due the next day, thereby making it MY fault that he doesn't have the materials he needs. This is an old tired tactic that hasn't worked since he was in 4th grade, besides, I have extra oak tag, poster board, stencils and construction paper in bulk under my bed, I mean, command center.)

I don't mean to complain, because having sunshine is better than not having it and warm is better than cold weather. I love the Spring flowers that bloom in my yard, pretty little day lilies. Not to mention having natural sunlight for my blog pictures is a huge plus.

Still, I'm not sure sure I'm on board with the whole time change thing. I'll let you know how I feel after I get my first natural sunlight picture on the blog.

Happy Spring!

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