March 09, 2009

Feeling Hot

I'm sure that the person that thought up this daylight saving business lived in a cave and probably didn't have a job or a clock!

Today I dragged tail at work and every white sheet of paper looked like a pillow. Every time I blinked, I napped. It was disgraceful.

All during my nap home on the train, I had visions about what I'd knit first. Well, the worst possible thing happened, but I'll get to that in a minute.

First I finished Aylin's soon-come baby bib:

I had some right sized buttons in my stash, and thought after I sewed it on that it looks kind of girly, but I still think it's cute. What do you think:

I used Rowan All Seasons Cotton, size US #7 needles and it took about an 90 minutes to make. Or rather it would have if I hadn't set my hand on fire. The pattern is a free download on Ravelry and can be found here.

OK, now about setting my hand on fire:

I came home from work and for some reason the heat was up kind of high. From downstairs I yell upstairs to my son who I thought was in his room. I thought I heard him whistling, which would mean he had his headphones on and couldn't hear me. Turns out, he's not home.

So, I go up to his room and his radiator is whistling and steam is coming out in a pretty steady stream. Well, I thought to myself, what the heck is going on in here? So, knowing that 'right is tight' and 'left is loose' (I learned that after I flooded the basement by overwatering the boiler), I turned the knob on the radiator - to turn the valve off.

Well, I turned the valve ... and the whole assembly fell off! The steam (and water) shot up to the ceiling, and my hand was in the line of fire. Ouch! ouch! ouch! ouch! ouch! Burn #1.

The knob went flying, I couldn't see where it went because steam filled the room and it got really, really hot. Being a person of average intelligence (usually), I grabbed a towel, threw it over the open valve, ran downstairs, shut the heat off, ran back upstairs to look for the valve. Found it, picked it up and - y oh y did I do that?! Hot! hot! hot! Burn #2.

Mercifully, the numbness wore off and I regained feeling in my fingers after a couple of hours. It appears that my wrist took most of the heat and I can live with that. It just looks and feels like sunburn. I'll live.

I blame the entire accident on the time change. If I wasn't so tired, etc.

My next house is going to have baseboard heating and it's going to be somewhere where the folks don't Spring ahead!

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