February 27, 2009

Where's My Hat?

I love my mother. She raised 5 children, the youngest of us is 16, and she's still at it. She recently became the foster mom of a 7-month old girl - the cutest little baby I've seen in a bit. I'm not sure if I'll get in trouble for showing her picture or saying her real name, so I'll call her Pretty.

Last Saturday Mom shows up with little Pretty and shows me that she didn't have a hat for Pretty, so she wanted to know if there was a hat in the room for her. Turns out that Pretty's head was bigger than the hats we had on hand. Not that she has a big head, you understand, it's just that we're making hats for preemies and Pretty isn't a preemie.

Today is Friday, and my mom has called me every day with one question - "Where's my hat?" Granted, I can whip up a hat, but sizing a hat without measurements is a guessing game. So yesterday, I pulled out my Bebe Lang, my size 2 double points and whipped up this Cupcake Hat pattern that I found at The Naked Sheep website:

After looking at it, I realized that working on the preemie project has distorted my sense of size and that this hat was going to be too small for Pretty. So, today I whipped up this hat using Caron Simply Soft (white), Red Heart Soft Baby (multi) and size 6 needles:

This hat looks HUGE! Maybe it's just me. Here they are side by side and one of them has to fit her:

The other one will go to charity.

The good news is that my mother will finally call me to say 'good morning' instead of 'where's my hat?'

Happy birthday, Mom! I hope you like Pretty's hat.

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  1. those look like pom poms! you DO make nice pom poms! they're beautiful! pretty's going to love the one that fits. T