August 21, 2008

Try Knitting Quick

After all that hard work, I finally finished with the spinning and wound it into a pancake. The Navajo ply reduced my yardage, as I knew it would, so all those hours or hard work produced only 56 yards of this:

The color doesn't show up very well, but it's very pretty. And soft. And wonderful. I wasn't really happy with the BFL at first, but it ended up beautifully. Still thick and thin, but I'm working on that.

Then it was off again to Mark's socks. He's already seen the one sock, so he knows what to expect and he seems pretty satisfied with the results. I think he'll find them amusing as time goes by. I usually knit his sock on the train (if I get a seat), so my time to knit the sock is limited. In two days, this is as far as I got on the second sock:

It's not much, but it is progress. I'm usually faster than that, but I'm also working on this crochet blanket:

Everything was going along swimmingly, until I ran out of white yarn. Oh NO! I have two choices here. I can either go out and get another skein which will delay the finish, and defeat the purpose of depleting stash, or I can make a really, really, REALLY large border with the tons of blue yarn that's still available.

The whole point of making the blanket was to rid myself of some of the 150 skeins of yarn in my house. I'm telling you, if a cinder ever blew in the window, my house is FINISHED!

I hope to be finished with those two projects this week. I almost HAVE to be because my knitting group, The Soundview Stitchers, is putting the finishing touches on our sweaters for Guidepost's Knit for Kids, and we're planning for our trip to Rhinebeck, NY to the Sheep and Wool Festival in October. This will be my very first trip and I'm going to scratch off some lottery tickets and hope I win so I can buy as much fiber for spinning as will fit into my bag!

Next stop for my knitting team, hats for the troops. I found a perfectly lovely hat pattern which I'm sure will be wholly inappropriate for the male troops, but there ARE female troops there, right?


  1. Aww, that's a precious blankie. Hope that you get more of the yarn that you need.
    What sized bag are you bringing to Rhinebeck? Temptation lives there.
    Bags with wheels, bags that say XXL, bags that have to be checked-in on airlines are all good selections for fiber festivals! The time is near. Woo, hoo!!