August 29, 2008

Call Me Happy!

OK, so I was stuck on Mark's socks ... you know, 10 rows to go and no yarn left to do it. At first I was so frustrated, I sent the socks to the meditation pond to think over it's crimes against me.

Then I do what I always do, I obsessed on the needles holding the socks. Should I pull the needles out, or should I wait? Maybe I'm going to find that yarn I need if I look just one more day. Of course, I couldn't knit anything because EVERYTHING I wanted to make I needed THOSE needles for. (I know I can get more needles, but why?).

Of course, not everyone was impressed with my theatrics. Little Miss Kitty could care less and just wanted me to calm down so she could sleep. She's heartless!

Anyway, hope springs eternal. It came yesterday in the form of Carodan Farm who had several skeins of OnLine Holiday #1003! Yay! The yarn will be here over the weekend and I'll have my needles back by next week. Yay again!

I was so happy about finding what I needed that I immediately started on a hat:

It's called Palindrome and the free pattern can be found here. I also plan to make a scarf of some type to go with the hat with the 1-1/2 skeins left. The yarn is Plymouth Encore D.K. and here is a better picture of it in almost true color:

which is really a light gray heathered yarn with a bunch of other colors mixed in (blue, pink, tan). What that halo in the middle of the picture is, I can't guess, but I'm pretty sure the yarn isn't possessed.

Using up these skeins will represent 3 more skeins gone forever from my stash. I'd say the de-stashing is going pretty well.

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  1. I must say that Miss Kitty is quite the mischievious, beautiful, needle hider, wool eater I've ever seen. Sharon she is GORGEOUS. Just like some cat I know...Jugee.