August 25, 2008

One Down, One To Go (to the frog pond, that is)

Well, I did it! I found some more white yarn and I made the blanket rather large-ish which is way better than too small. The color isn't the best in this picture, but I managed to hang it on the fence since I hadn't washed it yet, and the light was better. It was almost too good to be true ...

My favorite part was finishing it since I don't care much for crochet. I chose this 'dropped stitch' because it's almost waffle-like in the end and it's cutesy, but my favorite part of the entire blanket was the tassels.

The edging was just an added little fancy to hide all the yarns going up the sides. And if this were a good picture, you'd know how well I hid them.

When I figure out how to hook my digital camera up to the laptop I'll get some better quality pictures.
And then came the worst news of all - Mark's socks. I was knitting away and making some serious progress. I was making the second sock and counting down as I went. It was all so PERFECT, only 10 rows to go. See, here's the picture:

Notice anything? I said I only had 10 rows to go, right? Well, there isn't enough thread left to do ONE row. Holy moly! I sent out an emergency call to LittleKnits to get some more. I even sent her a picture so she could see what I was talking about. She said, "I don't know what yarn that is, but we have nothing like it here". WHAT?! OH NO!

So I sent the socks to the frog pond to meditate, ferment and rot. I'm going to let them sit and think about how they made me lose my mojo. And when I'm not angry anymore, I'll THINK about what I'm going to do with them.

Meanwhile, I hope the OnLine folks will drop me a line to let me know where I can purchase more of this discontinued superwash merino sock yarn.

Now, I'm going to have some good thoughts about the Sheep and Wool Festival in October and I'm going to do a little spinning. And Sojourn, I'm going to need some donkeys to carry my roving home because I plan to buy 200 pounds of everything I like - you know ... to soothe my nerves about the socks.

Right now, this is what I'm working with, a lovely merino wool called Summer Camp, purchased from etsy and my favorite supplier, Muzzlepuffs. I sure hope she forgives me for featuring her wool, I certainly don't do it justice.

And if that doesn't do the trick, maybe I'll go to Ravelry to figure out how to get all my dream patterns onto my queue.

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