April 16, 2014

New Things

Knitting is my love and has been for decades, and it always will be.  There are just times, like when the knitting mojo takes a vacation, that I crave something else to do until it returns.

After making the Mock Cable Wave socks (and failing to alternate skeins) and a mild case of disappointment:

I made it three quarters of the way and then the 'oh so similar' second skein was darker, not that it matters, it'll be in a shoe, but still ...

Maybe I needed a wee break, to try something different.  So I pulled out my newly acquired Zoom Loom and made these:

What fun!  I'd rather crochet a bunch of these together than knit - for the moment.  I'd actually have to pull out my crochet hook to gather them, but it looks so easy!

And then I remembered my other 'distraction': cross stitch:

It's slow going and I'm learning as I go.  You'll have to stay tuned.

And so, what with it being Spring and all (even though it snowed last night and my tulips fell down and can't get up) I went a little further in the 'changing things up' department.  Tracey and I embarked on a little online adventure:

Tracey (tbmccarthy on Ravelry) is working on: 
Lin Lin Shawl (as yet unpublished)

I finished:
Spun BFL from Crown Mountain Farms

Is that enough newness for Spring?

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