April 06, 2014

Clearing the Wheel

I certainly am grateful.  I am grateful to own a spinning wheel and fiber, and to have the time to indulge in any of my crafty whims at will.  The good news is that I can take my time doing whatever I want (right after I do a little housework), the downside is this:

I joined a 12-month fiber club and I'm a little backed up.  I put what I could into my hobbit hole of a fiber cabinet, but these four boxes had no place to call home.  Two of those boxes aren't even open yet, and there's another one due in a day or so.  Oy!

So I decided that now the weather is a little warmer and sunset is a little bit later, that it's time I cleared my bobbins and started to work on the overflow of fiber piling up around here.  The first bobbin got cleared and got 423 yards (2-ply) of Punta that I purchased from She Spins LLC in the autumn colorway:

And I did a chain ply of a Loop batt that I purchased at Vogue Knitting Live in the Menkes colorway.  It's merino/silk/bamboo/angelina and I got 234 yards:

And the final bit of measuring I did today was of this 2-ply skein of polwarth from Into the Whirled in the Calico Blue colorway that I spun back in October 2013:

Next up to go on the wheel will be this braid I won this from Diane of the Knitabulls Podcast forum by participating in a spin-along about a year or so ago.  It's Into the Whirled  merino/superwash merino and tussah silk in The Woods colorway:

I still have two bobbins to ply and then I can start tackling the fiber that doesn't fit into the closet.

I'm still working on the Mock Wave Cable socks I started for my aunt almost a week ago, one is done, the other is started:

These knee socks are a giant time suck.  They are very textured and I would totally be in love with them if they had a 6" leg instead of a 12" leg.  Sheesh!  I took the 52/26 Pair Plunge on Ravelry and committed to make 26 pairs of socks in a year, and these socks represent the 20th pair I've made since June or July.  I'll know better next year because my obvious limit is 12 pair in a year because after that I'm fishing for patterns that don't love.

Anyway, I'm off to work on my socks before I lose my mojo.  I've already picked out my next pair of socks which are also knee socks for my uncle, who wears a size 12 shoe.  OMG!

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  1. Pretty!!! That's the thing with clubs - you always seem to be "behind". I love them, though. And, I just purchase another storage container so that my stash fits. Which reminds me - I need to purchase one or two more containers. :-)