May 05, 2014

Technical Difficulties

Tracey and I were finally able to post another video of Moms With Yarn after overcoming technical difficulties.

During the time it took to overcome the technical difficulties, I wasn't just sitting around waiting for my computer to come around to my way of thinking.  I knew that wouldn't happen.  So I finished the log cabin blanket:

This pattern is a recipe, so you can make it look like anything you want.  I chose Lion Brand Wool Ease in both sport and worsted weight: in white, heather gray, navy and heather blue to use up some old stash, US #6 needles, and I knit until I ran out of the sport weight white which has been discontinued for years.

I'm also working on my uncle's knee socks.  My biggest fear is that they won't fit and he won't tell me.  After all that time and effort - all I can say is that it would be less stressful to make these socks if we lived closer together.

The top of the sock is the Cable Rib Sock pattern by Erika Alexander (Favorite Socks, Interweave Knits), I used Creatively Dyed yarn in the Ancient colorway for the top of the sock and Austerman Step for the striped foot.  I used both Addi sock rockets and Signature Needles, both in US #2 needles.  The foot of the socks is plain vanilla.

I'm also working on a shawl called Crocus, but I'm second guessing my choice of pattern because it's just not the same with no beads on it, but I think I have a back-up plan.

Tracey  is working on the Lin Lin Shawl using The Plucky Knitter's new yarn line called Scholar in the Headboard colorway and using US #8 needles.

Tracey also mentioned a shop on Etsy called Grandmas Handknitting, where they're offering 10% off during the month of May if you use the code MAYFLOWERS.  That's a good deal!

Thank you to the people who gave feedback, we really appreciate it.  And thank you to the new subscribers, we got more than we expected and we are tickled.  We're doing our best with tech issues, I'm the idiot in charge and mostly I pray.

Enjoy the show and thank you so much for watching.

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