February 02, 2013

Can You Tell?

The no-knitting 'advice' my doctor gave me is just not working.  I seem to find myself in a state I don't much enjoy, which is called 'cranky' by some, when I'm not holding needles for at least a short period of time.  However, to my credit, I have been taking more breaks between stitches and I must say, the slower pace is making the knitting a little more enjoyable.

So a hat that would have taken me two, maybe three days took six days.  No problem.  I just finished a hat called Contemporary.  I used The Plucky Knitters' silk merino in Lonesome Highway and US #2 and US #4 needles:

I'm going to wear my new hat tomorrow because my dear mother is holding my other hat hostage.  How can she do that, you ask?  Well, the last time I was at her house I left my hat behind, it must have been warm that day.

A few days later I met up with her to run some errands and asked her to remember to bring my hat.  She did, but it was in her car.  Then she announced right there in the bank in front of God and everybody else, that my hat was 'finished' and she was going to throw it away.  "I need my hat, Mom."  It was 15 yards away, locked in her car.

"No, you don't need one.  Just make one.  Anything looks better than that old hat."


"Nope.  No hat for you."

OY!!  She never did give me the hat, by the way.

Moving on.

I received my first club installment of BFL from Sunset Fibers.  It has no name, no colorway, but it came with a pattern for socks which I may make one day:

Squishy soft, smells good, love the greens and couldn't wait to spin it up!

So I spun it up on my Kromski Prelude:

And before you could say 'lickety split', the second club installment came!  More BFL, and another pattern and Skittles candy!  Yay and yum!

Now I can't wait to spin this up too!

Next on the needles is Marin by Ysolda Teague.  I'm using a one hit wonder from The Plucky Knitter in light brown.  So far, so good.

As I said, the no knitting thing just isn't working out.

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  1. You not knitting is like an Idle Bull in Spain just taking a leisurely walk through the crown instead of watching the humans run for cover. LOL... What the heck is on my mind with this analogy ~~~> Don't ask it just is. LOL