February 04, 2013

More Unknown

I knew this would happen.  When I joined the 2-ply spin along with two ounces of each fiber, I was careful to pull off 2 ounces of each.  I weighed them, weighed the leftover (in case there were more ounces than stated on the band, and then I spun them up.

Here's bobbin #2, Widdershin Woolworks Portuguese merino (no colorway):

Nice color and everything, reminds me of pictures I've seen of the forests in Ireland in summer.  All mossy and green with an occasional pop of color.  It's spun thin so right now it's not soft.

Anyway, when I was done, I put the two bobbins side by side and the bobbins are uneven.  Drats!

The forests of Ireland is fatter than the chocolate cherry.  I believe that if I try to even the bobbins out, I'll just go a whole lot in the other direction and they'll never be even.

I'm just going to step back, relax, mull it over and second guess myself at least a hundred times more.

In the meantime, I needed a break from spinning which, if you're a spinner you already know this, spinning takes a long time.  Hours, and for me sometimes days.

So I took a little break and knit a wee little thing with one of my yarn 'walnuts'.  It's called Bunny Cubes by Heather Sebastian (Ravelry):

Adorable, huh?  I took the picture in the dark because I didn't want you to see how poorly I sewed the eyes and nose.  LOL!  It's knit up, then stuffed and sewn closed.   So why in the name of shiny red pants would I sew the face on after it's closed up when I could have done a perfectly good job of it before it was stuffed?  Maybe it was spinner's brain.

I'm done for the evening.  I've got to go do some knitting before I lose my sanity.

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