February 07, 2013

Woo Hoo!

My unknown fiber has been plied and is now soaking peacefully in Euclan:

So far I am not impressed:

The ply is too loose and the red is very prominent.  I'm hoping after a soak something will make the two colors blend together a little better.  I'm hoping for fuzz, or felt or something that I can love.

What I do love about the yarn is that there is lots of yardage.  I don't have the number yet, but I was plying for-EVER.  There's got to be enough to make some socks or mittens or a cowl.  For the moment I'm going to hold judgement.

And the best part of my day today was getting mail.  Look what I got today:

Woo hoo!  It's my Tom Bihn bag!  Yay!  I was floating around on Ravelry one day and the ad for Tom Bihn bags popped up.  The ad had a video attached to it and I was too smitten to click  past it and the inevitable happened.  This bag is made of hemp and recycled rubber - you would never have guessed it.

Beautiful!  The bag is called 'Swift' and it's the smaller one since the big one is almost as big as a suitcase.  This one is purse sized and I can use it as a purse if I like.

I'm off to rescue my soaking yarn and then get back to work on the Marin scarf.

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  1. I just finished a 2-ply yarn with two different colorways too. I have to say, it never looks as good as 3-ply or chain ply to me. My e-spinner also gave me trouble while plying, so I'm not too happy about my 2-ply yarn either. But, I still can't wait to see how it knits up, since I loveed both colorways on their own. That's an instersting looking bag! Haven't heard of it before. Need to investigate. :o)