February 08, 2013

Before It Snows

It's just after noon around here, but it feels like midnight.  The sky is so dark and cloudy and I'm preparing for the 2-12 inches of snow the forecasters are predicting.  Right now, it's a rain/sleet mix and I know this because the rain hitting my windows is crackly.

That's outside.  Inside is a whole other story.

I finished my 'unknown' mix of fiber and it's not half as bad as I thought it would be, but only half as good as I'm going to give it credit for.

I thought if I took the picture from the right angle that I could get it's good side, but the loose ply is the reason there is no good side:

Yardage is pending, but I'm sure there's plenty of it.  What it will become is a mystery, so into the bin it goes.

I've been working on the Marin, as you already know, and I had to rip it back about three times because I fail to read instructions (particularly when I think they're predictable - and then find out I'm massively wrong).  So yesterday's start was for real.

I'm using The Plucky Knitters' 'one skein wonder' which has no colorway, no fiber content and no yardage.  When has that ever stopped me?  Never!  It looks like toast:

And it gives great stitch definition:

Hopefully by the time this scarf is done, there will be some sunshine to take pictures by.  My own photographic skill is poor at best and it probably wouldn't kill me to take a look at the manual.

I'm going to race through housework right now because I have to start dinner in two hours - we're having roast chicken.  And maybe, if I'm lucky, I can squeeze in some relaxation, a cup of hot chocolate and a nap.

Here's hoping, especially if you live in an area bound for massive snowfall, that you find the perfect yarn and pattern, and that your lights stay on.

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