September 25, 2012

Socking It To Me

The Classic Kilim is coming along just fine.  The only hold up is using five needles instead of four which is making the project a little clumsy and slowing me down considerably.  That, and there's five charts to follow.

At the moment I'm up to the after-thought heel.  Here's were my inability to use math to solve a problem is hindering me.

To begin with, I had 39 stitches on waste yarn:

Then I had to do a provisional cast on for the other 39 stitches:

I had no problem transferring the stitches from the waste yarn, all 39 stitches were there and easy to pick up.  But when I went to transfer the stitches from the provisional cast on I lost a couple of them.  For me, this is not unusual so I 'fashioned' stitches as I needed them.  The trick is to get the patterns to line up.

The instructions say to M1 at the beginning of needle 4 and the chart says to M1 at the beginning and end of needle 4 and needle 1, and if the written instructions hadn't given me a stitch count I would have had to start over.  Yikes!  Mercifully, I read better than I count.

So here I am now:

I'm going to love these socks when they're done, I can tell.  I think I have time to make these in time for Rhinebeck.  Can't you just see me wearing these fancy pants socks?  The colors might be eye busting, but the socks will certainly be eye catching.

There's a lot of weaving in to do, so if you make these socks yourself, leave lots of long tails!  You wouldn't want to find yourself short of tails and unable to weave in effectively.

If I finish the heel by tomorrow then sock #2 will go quick as a wink.

Just one thing, this sock is pretty big.  It fits me, but I noticed on some of the project pages that others have a lot of room around the leg.  You might want to take that into consideration when you choose your needle size.

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