September 11, 2012

No Housework

Housework takes up almost all of my most productive hours.  If I'm not running from the basement to the second floor to put away laundry, then I'm chained to the kitchen sink and stove.  It's a magnificent time suck and that sucks.

Today housework lost and knitting won.  Even though I only left my bedroom today to pin some newly knitted goods, it felt good not to get my hands wet with dish washing liquid.

On the left is the Leftie scarf knit with Lion Brand merino (white) and Fleece Artist merino sock in a green multi and US #3 needles.  On the right is the finished Hogwarts Express which I don't remember much about other than that it was knit with Madelinetosh merino light in Toast (both patterns are on Ravelry).  Pinning and unpinning on my knees on the hard floor is better than washing dishes, hands down.

The Leftie is a little short. Guess why?  Because I ran out of white yarn.  Can you believe it?!  I had a little left over, but not enough to knit 10 rows with, so the scarf came to an end.  I also noticed that the edge wasn't very smooth, so I crocheted a border on it.  That smoothed things out pretty well.

Pinning scarves just made my knees and back hurt, so I headed back up to command central (aka my bedroom) and started knitting.

First up: the Braided Vine Cowl (Ravelry).  I started it this morning and finished it this morning.  It only required half a skein of Cascade 220 and US #7 circular needles, shown below in cadet blue.  Not too shabby, eh?

When that was done, I pulled out some Rowan big wool fusion (I love this stuff!) in color #04 and my size US #35 needles.  I doubled up the yarn (pulled from both ends) and knit up a pattern called Kimbo.

Now I'm at a loss for what to make next.  The fact that I can even consider something must mean I'm getting back on my feet - if you don't count that I never left my bedroom today except to pin the scarves, that's progress.

Maybe socks next.  I've been wanting to make a certain pair forever.

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  1. Wow-you finished a lot of projects lately! I don't think I've ever seen # 35 needles! Must be very satisfying to finish pojects so quickly. I wonder what sock pattern you wanted to knit for so long. I have a few of them as well. Too many in fact, can't seem to catch up with my want-to-knit list. I hope you are much better. Being in the bedroom all day, doesn't sound too good to me.