September 19, 2012


I am always tickled pink when I get my 'string' to make designs that look just like the pattern.  It amazes me when I can follow a well written pattern without frustration and all the stars and stripes line up.

That's the case with the Classic Kilim sock.  I am so enjoying this pattern and the resulting sock - so far just the one.  This is not a pattern I can knit on the train, and I never have enough time to knit during lunch break, but it's coming along.

Here's my progress so far:

The tricky bit will come when I have to make the second sock look just like the first.  Hence the need for two skeins of Regia's Landscape Fire.

I'm at the toe now, and after that the after-thought heel and done.  The excitement for this sock hasn't died down yet, so I'll hopefully hold on to the fire in my belly for these socks I've wanted to make since forever.

Just one more pic:

Love these socks!

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