September 14, 2012

All Things Are Possible

Well, I took a day off from housework and today I had to pay it back in spades.  I don't mind because I haven't been myself lately so being busy was a good diversion.

After a trip to Home Depot, the post office, the grocery store and the bank I came home and cut the thigh high grass with a weed whacker (can you see my upper arm strength?) short enough for me to use the push mower and to feed the mosquitoes.  Sheesh!

That was my outside time.  I won't bore you with what I did with my inside time.  Needless to say, I didn't have time to take pictures, so I enlisted the help of my son who protested, but did it anyway.

He took pictures of the Hogwarts Express which was done some time ago:

In the twilight the eyes practically glowed.  I must say thank you to Tracey (aka Anonymous T) for the beads she donated to the cause after making her own Hogwarts shawl.  Thanks Tracey!

I asked my son to  please take a picture of the entire shawl and well, I guess he did the best he could.  I'd complain, but then he won't help me going forward.  I figure the fast fading azalea bush at twilight was more to his liking.

Then there's Leftie which was a simple knit and an effective use of my leftover yarn, unfortunately there's still some leftover yarn left over.  This scarf will be donated and auctioned off for breast cancer research.  My Aunt Joan promised not to keep this one.

Let me protest just a little.  "Can you lay it flat?" I ask.  "Mom! C'mon, let me do this."  Oy!  He took ten pictures and that's all I can use.

Moving on.  I've been wanting to make these socks forever.  I started, then stopped and moved on to other things because it was taking up too much brain.

They're called Classic Kilim (Turkey) from Around the World in Knitted Socks by Stephanie Van Der Linden.  My book is not in English so my friend and fellow blogger Monika  (Smoking Hot Needles) translated the pattern for me.  If not for her, these socks never would have been made.  Thank you, Monika!

The New York Sheep and Wool Festival is next up on my list of things to do.  I can't wait!  I feel I've made enough room in my stash to warrant the purchase of new yarn/fiber.  Will you be there?  The Soundview Stitchers (my knitting group) will be there wearing orange hats and carrying an orange bag featuring The Lorax.  You won't be able to miss us, though you may want to avert your eyes from all the orange.

One of the Soundview Stitchers will be holding onto a skein of handspun yarn which she will hand over to someone who asks, "Are you a Soundview Stitcher?"  Details about the handspun are pending since I haven't picked the fiber yet, but it's a freebie.

Enough gabbing.  Back to knitting.

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