September 27, 2012

NY Sheep and Wool

As many of you know, the New York Sheep and Wool Festival is October 20 & 21 at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds.  I get all tingly thinking about it, and I'm anxious to go and see what's new that I can bring home to play with.

The bus is reserved and the Soundview Stitchers have their shopping bags provided by the NY Public Library and the plan is in effect.  Here's the plan:

The ladies from the knitting group will be carrying these bags,

And we all made hats to match the bag,

And one of them will be carrying yarn that will be made from Abstract Fibers BFL in the Rock Star colorway,

And when it's made into yarn, it'll have this label on it.

Someone at Rhinebeck will score the yarn by walking up to one of the Soundview Stitchers sporting an eye-busting orange bag or hat and just ask, 'Are you the Soundview Stitcher with the yarn?', and it's yours.

Just in case I really make a mess of the fiber with my spinning, there will be a back up skein.

In other news, today I was reading The Opinionated Knitter by Elizabeth Zimmerman hoping the find the key to the question of how to make the yoke on a sweater.  They mentioned Elizabeth's Percentage System (EPS) and at the sight of the word 'percentage' my brain clicked to off.  Then they mentioned the number of stitches per inch = K and I went into a coma.  I'm going to figure the EPS system out if it takes 2,000 pounds of yarn to do it.

(You know me and math ... we don't get along.  I am from Earth, math is from heck.  Oy!)

Lastly, the second Classic Kilim sock is on the needles and the socks will be ready in time for Rhinebeck.  As if the loud orange isn't eye-catching enough, when you see these socks you're going to wonder what the heck I drank before heading out to to the fair.  Sheesh!

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