January 20, 2012

Sorry I Missed Your Call

We were in a meeting half the afternoon.  One that was vital for the team.

We had to put our heads together and brainstorm like crazy!

You may think this looks like fun, but it was hard work!  Pay no attention to the plates, and food and  ... um ... beverages.  

It was a mandatory gathering of the minds.  It took at least an hour ... or so.

And my assistant, I'm sure she didn't say "wings and beer".  If she did, she meant to say 'do something with my hair'.  After all ... we were in a meeting, and I mean, well, you should give her a pass for today.

I'll have her give you a call when the meeting is wrapping up.

1 comment:

  1. I must be getting old, because it seems this team is made up of a lot of young people.