January 02, 2012

Happy New Year

Seems like life keeps getting in the way of my crafting, but I think I'll make it a resolution to catch up on what needs to be done so I can do what I want - craftwise, anyway.

I did a lot of knitting over the holiday, but because I don't know which family member is reading my blog, I couldn't post anything.  Too bad I wasn't wise enough to take pictures before I packed it up and handed it off.

What I did get was a picture of Holden Shawlette (Ravelry pattern) blocking:

I wish I could remember the details of this shawl, but alas, at my age just remembering who it went to is a feat.  Maybe I should consider a new year's resolution to slow down and pay attention.  (If I make enough resolutions, maybe some of them will stick).

And I did get a picture of Nicole's Hootenanny socks:

And a really bad picture of the Rustling Leaves Beret (another Ravelry pattern):

The pattern is from Coastal Knits (lovely holiday gift!) which I understand is hard to get, and made with some alpaca from Yarn Treehouse (which I think is out of business).

And I and fighting my way through the Swirl Scarf which I'm making with Jojoland Melody (color MS29 which is blue/green/purple):

I bought this pattern at the New York Sheep & Wool Festival about 4 years ago and put it in my book.  It was always my intention to make it 'when I had time', figuring all of the swirls would be like crochet - quick and painless.  True, it's quick, but not painless with all the casting on.  The yarn is slippery, so pull out your wooden needles if you use it.

The weather here in NYC is taking a dramatic turn towards freezing, so I think I should make myself a hat.  Truly.  How is it that I knit everything for everyone, but I don't own a hand knit hat?  I need a pattern for chunky wool so I can make it quick.   Any suggestions?

Well, happy new year, happy knitting!

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  1. Lovely gifts you've made. Haha, I've got that swirly pattern too, years ago, and many others. I'm not buying any new patterns this year (or so I'm telling myself, so far so good), and work from the million patterns I already have. I wonder what pain this scarf will be to block it?
    It's -15C today during the day, but the forecast shows temps around 0C and +5C. I hate that the temps jump up and down, and so little snow.