January 10, 2012

The Cold & The Cap

On Sunday Joanne called to ask if I wanted to go to Knitty City, I jumped at the chance because what's better than a Sunday at the yarn store?  From my window I saw the sun was shining brightly and my house wasn't being battered by wind.  It was a good day.
However, within 10 minutes of being outside, I realized the air had a little nip to it.  Since I had no gloves I went to the bodega for a cup of coffee.  At the bus stop, I realized my head was cold, too.  What made me leave without taking a hat?  By the time I got to the yarn store it was cold, overcast and the wind kicked up - and I was freezing.  Dang!

When I arrived at Knitty City I decided I was going to make a hat to wear home.  As if I could knit that fast!  I purchased two skeins each of Madeleinetosh's Tosh Vintage in duchess and Cascade 220 in blue heat for a different project.  I also bought a pair of US #7 circular needles to facilitate the delusion of starting and finishing a hat in less than three hours; all while chatting in the knitting circle, window shopping from my seat, and thumbing through magazines.  Yeh, OK.

As you can see - I did get started on a pattern called Amelie (Ravelry).  I made a few modifications: I made the brim longer because I know from experience that the ribbed edge of my hats doesn't last long, and I made the hat with solid colors.

On Sunday, maybe 3 inches:

I got about this far by Monday, about halfway:

And this far by today (almost done):

So my 'one day' hat is taking a few days.

I'm not quite sure I made the right choices: the hat seems rather large and the royal purple I saw yesterday looks like black cherry,  blueberry or some variation of brown today.  The brim may be too deep (at the moment this is looking like a Precious Moments sleeping cap), but if I make the slouch part long enough I can fold that up. 

I'm going to forge ahead because my ride home this evening is supposed to be chilly and I need a hat - and just one more day of knitting.

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  1. You are so funny! I'd love to see how this hat fits in the end. It would be Spring like here too, if it were not for that icy wind.