August 28, 2011

Good Night Irene!

Hurricane Irene was all over the news and any program I watched on TV was interrupted by someone saying I was in the flood zone.  Yikes!  Sure, it was raining hard, but no wind.  Was it possible I could get off so easy.  When I went to sleep last night I figured my area would be surrounded by dirty water.

This morning I was not surrounded by water, but I was so scared.  Scared to open the basement door where I was sure all my junk would be to the top step floating on 12 feet of water.  I braced myself and put on my rain boots - just in case.  No water.  Yay!

My heart goes out to all the folks who are suffering through flooded houses, flooded cars and had a tree fall on their house and/or car.  I swear, if that was me, I'd want to pack my bags and move to the desert.  It's very costly damage that water does and I am thankful it wasn't me, but I wish it wasn't them either.

With relief in my heart, I took to the wheel today and did a little spinning on some FatCatKnits merino in Seaside Cottage that was left over from the Tour de Fleece:

It's way prettier in person, and if the sun had shone today I'd have a better picture.  I'm almost done spinning it up, maybe by tomorrow, and then I plan to make myself something nice.

I also had time to knit up some mittens from fiber I purchased from Will-Ewe Farm:

The pattern is called Feminine Mittens which I pulled of the Knitting Daily website.  I think you have to sign up to get the pattern, though.

These mittens won't keep my hands warm in winter, but they will keep them kind of warm in the fall.  There was so little fiber that there was nothing I could make other than mittens, and I like the pattern.  Too bad I'm not in love with the color, but I could always dye them, right?

My son starts classes tomorrow.  He called tonight to see if I was OK and to make sure that the house was still standing.  Wasn't that sweet?

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  1. I'm glad it didn't turn out as bad as you thought it could. It's scary to wait for something bad to happen, but what a releave if it doesn't. FatCatKnits fiber looks good so far. If you really don't' like the mittens color, dyeing them is a good idea!