August 27, 2011

What Will You Do?

My friends were asking me what I will do now that my son is off to college.  Will I be bored? Lonely? Depressed?  I miss my son, but I've talked and or exchanged text messages with him every day since Thursday.  When he was home he never answered my text messages.

So since he's been gone, the only thing I have to do is housework (and once it's clean, it'll stay clean) and  anything else I want to do, whenever I want to do it.

Today was a good day.  Mail brought me this Abstract Fiber, BFL in Hopworks purchased from Webs:

And the micro trindle I won for spinning with Team Trindle in the Tour de Fleece:

Wow!  Skull heads?  I have other 'arms' for the trindle which I can use when my son is home.  I think he'll make some wise crack about the Crypt Keeper (me) spinning with skulls!  The freebie that came with it is silk hankies from Gale's Art.  I couldn't resist working just one.  So I separated one hankie (easier said than done):

And I spun it up:

Yesterday I washed this fiber of unknown origin purchased at Rhinebeck last year from Will-Ewe Farm, they don't have a website.  It kind of feels like coopworth but softer, and if I remember correctly, the lady at the booth told me it was angora and something:

These were spun up on my regular Trindle and both skeins are singles.  I was going to ply them, but it's kind of scratchy, so I think the best thing to do would be to make a pair of mittens, I found the perfect pattern for them.

Hurricane Irene is here in the Bronx.  Mercifully the rain is coming down, but there is no thunder or wind. All mass transit if cancelled, and some of the Con Edison transformers were shut off to avoid them from shorting out, so some folks may end up with no electricity.  Hopefully I won't be one of them!

My son said it's not raining where he is.  My mother is in Maryland and the south has been really hard hit.  Lots of flooding there.  She's not due home until Monday, and only if Peter Pan bus is running, but she's safe with family so I'm not worried.

Anyway, for you experienced New York knitters, most of you know you can knit by candlelight and some of you can knit in complete darkness so have at it.

Stay dry.

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