August 10, 2011

Then & Now

Knitting is happening, but posting pictures is not because Blogger is having some issues tonight and while I can't be sure, I think it's aimed at me.  Yesterdaywas one of those up and down days that skid into neutral by the end of the day.

For instance, I got dressed up in my suit for work, thought I was looking hotter than lava until I saw my reflection in a glass store front. My, how my opinion of cute has changed.

Back then my jeans couldn't be snug enough.  Right now, I'm wondering if I can buy jeans that look like the real McCoy but have an elastic waistband.

Back then, I saw and heard everything with my own eyes and ears.  Now, I don't hear crap, but I can lip read (if I have my glasses on).  And in a few years, I'm wondering how many times I can say "Huh?" before someone starts using sign language to talk to me.

Back then, I could tell you what I wore on April 21, 1985.  Now I can't remember what I ate for lunch an hour after I've eaten.

Back then, I did everything at hyperspeed and multi-tasking was my way of life.  Now I need a nap after every chore.

Back then I could go up and down the stairs a million times to get what I want or need, now I have to make a list before I go in either direction because I don't have to go more than one step before I have forgotten why I was going anywhere in the first place.

Enough of that.

My son leaves for college on August 25.  The common sentiment I'm getting from everyone is that I'll be sad and/or lonely.  I don't know if that's true because I swear on a bag of rocks that I will miss him, but sad?  I don't think so.*

It means that he is on the way to becoming an independent adult with all of the best teaching I had to offer.  It means that all of my hooping and hollering  is going to stick or fail and he now has the opportunity to implement or discard what he's learned from me and apply it to the life he is going to make for himself.  He is on the way to becoming an adult.

I'm sad to see the 'baby' go, but I'm going to enjoy going through this process with him as he becomes a smart, independent young man.

*Check back in a few weeks.  I might be on the news for trying to move onto campus and have to be forcibly removed.

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  1. That's right Sharon. I'll be in your shoes in 13 years (hopefully!) and hoping, just like you, the values you instilled will "stick" and he'll become the adult you know he can be. I wish him so much luck, and am excited for your posts about your "baby" in college. GOOD LUCK!!!!!