September 13, 2011

What To Do

My great nephew Tai was born on August 18, and shamefully, I haven't been to see the little tyke.

 I didn't want to visit with my hands unladen with nothing but booties and a hat.  My mother told me he needs heavier blankets than the receiving blankets my niece is using now.  The dilemma, it has to be machine wash and dry.  The other dilemma, superwash I don't have enough of to make a blanket with, but I have mountains of Red Heart acrylic.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with acrylic yarn.  It comes in many wonderful colors, it's softer than it was way back when they called orlon, and it is completely machine washable.  The colors above from Red Heart are called blue (darker) and Turqua (lighter).

I got my hands on the Ysolda Teague pattern for the Hap Blanket from Noble Knits.  I went online and saw all the blankets made and figured it would be an easy knit and nothing in the world is easier and faster than garter stitch.

It's really hard for you to figure how far I've gotten since I cast on on Saturday.  I'm up to the border.  My biggest problem is where to pick up 61 stitches when there are only 59 rows.  It's about the hardest thing since in involves math - and you know how I feel about that!  Oy!

The biggest disappointment is the needles.  They're Addi clicks lace.  These points don't look that pointy to me!  I'm disappointed in the needles and my Hiya Hiya's have better points.  Not that it matters for this project, but do these look like lace tips to you?

I hope to have this blanket finished by this weekend and I hope to work with some wool and really pointy needles immediately after.

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  1. Oh, I just saw this blanket, made as a gift, on another blog. I love this one! I also like the colors you are using.
    I'm not thrilled with my addi click lace either. But with me it's the joins. I had to go out and by some addi lace cirs, because the stitches kept getting stuck at the joins.
    Oh, and Congratulations to the new member of your family!