October 27, 2010

Critter Knitting

When someone from my job placed a classified wanting to hire a knitter, several folks from work either called me or forwarded the ad to me.  The ad was placed in September and said the job needed to be done by December 1 - two whole months away.  That's plenty of time!

But as soon as I saw the ad I had two problems:
  • If I say 'no', then I'd be turning down a challenge and a paying gig and who would do that?! Everyone that knows me knows I can't say no to a challenge, and I've been knitting since forever and no job is too big or small, etc. and blah blah blah
(OK, like I said before, it's not that I'm competitive - it's just that the lady with the wheelchair competing in Ravelry's Tour de Fleece 2009 set a really high standard which I still feel compelled to live up to).  Besides, everyone believes me so capable, and
  • What if I say 'yes' and then can't finish, or screw it up, or the hirer (my new boss) hates it and the hiree (that would be me) gets fired without pay and he ends up with no garment and I end up with a bad reputation as a knitter?  Oy! 
The whole thing had me stressed out until I saw the pattern.

Morehouse Merino's Gecko Scarf.  made with Morehouse Merino in orange and taupe, and US #7 needles. Total time to make, 10 days out of five weeks.  All garter, all the time.  The only challenge, staying awake while I knit.

OK, you can stop laughing now.


  1. Awww, he came out really well! Just like in the ad. It's cute in a reptilian kinda way :P
    Your reputation remains five diamond, for sure.

  2. It's amazing what life throws at you! That's a very cute pattern! I love garter stitch, it's relaxing. Oh wait, but that's not for your boss himself, is it? :o)