October 26, 2010

So, Did You Go to Rhinebeck?

Right after I rented the bus for the 2010 trip to Rhinebeck, I downloaded the vendor list and the map so I could pick a few barns and tents I had to visit - just a few, mind you.

Then I rented the bus and gathered the Soundview Stitchers, my knitting group, and piled into the bus:

We set off and ended up at the New York Sheep and Wool Festival 2010! Yay!  The weather was perfect, in spite of the occasionally chill wind.  The scenery was beautiful, if you don't mind crowds.

And then I shopped until I dropped!

Polwarth from Into the Whirled

And two ounces of an angora blend fiber.

Say hello to Mom's new sweater! Two skeins of BFL, 660 yards each.  Yum!  From Maple Creek Farms.

Some lovely sock yarn from Creatively Dyed Yarns, lots of yardage and I see more than one pair of socks from this baby!

I also bought a Golding Spindle, and a Trindle which is this little sweetie:

Cute, right?

I also bought a DPN needle case from Crippenworks, some bobbins for both spinning wheels.  I made out like a fat rat!  Can't wait until next year!


  1. I did wonder if you were able to go to Rhinebeck! And you did! :o) Nice haul!

  2. Lovely luxury fibers for your stash! Umm....show us your Golding! What weight did you get?

  3. Yeah rhinebeck was amazing! I'm saving up the funds for next year! hey what boston.