November 06, 2010

Good Deal!

Last weekend I went to the Stitches East Convention which was held at the Connecticut Convention Center and Hartford Marriott Downtown in Hartford, CT.  The place is huge, like a Costco store with stalls instead of shelves.  Huge!

This is what I bought:

It wasn't much, but it made me happy to get my hands on some tatting materials.  I saw a woman tatting on the train and I thought how pretty her little 'circles' were and I wanted to try it.  It's fairly easy with the needle, but I'm having a little problem learning to use the shuttle, but I'll get it.  This is what I learned in just one day:

How cute is that?!   I don't know what I can do with it, but for now I'm thinking that I won't be giving up my knitting needles any time soon.   I did see some cute little butterflies made with tatting and I think that's what caught my eye.

And look what came in the mail today:

New fiber from Smoking Hot Needles, spun by her, sold in her shop, and in my greedy little hands.  I wish you could see how pretty they are, my camera doesn't do them justice.  I love them!  Thanks Monika!

Now that I'm happy, I can go back to having the flu - which involves lots of fluids, lots of cough drops, tissues and Vicks Vapo-Rub.  So in addition to sounding bad and looking bad, I smell like the medicine cabinet.  Oy!

Thank goodness the clocks go back an hour tonight.  Hopefully the extra hour of sleep will aid in healing.


  1. I've never seen anyone personally do tatting. I don't think I would have the patience for that. I'm glad the yarn made it unharmed into your hands. I wish you speedy recovery! Flu is no fun, feeling crappy and achy. Hope the one extra hour of sleep will do the trick! Nobody told you dogs that we can sleep a little longer this morning. :o(

  2. oh! I sent you an email at work yesterday and thought it weird that you didn't respond! Hope you feel better soon! you know what you can do with those little circles? A necklace (i'm seeing different colors maybe) or a bracelet. I saw someone else do something similar. They are really pretty. As are your new skeins! Rest up!

  3. The flu?! Oh, no! I thought you were kinda quiet or maybe I had worn out my wooly welcome. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
    I'll have to let you rest up before I bother you again with my fiber shenanigans.