August 24, 2009

Jury Duty

Today was my first day of jury duty. As you know, I had lost my jury slip and had to go to the old courthouse to get a replacement. I got on line and went through security all the while thinking they were going to take away my wood DPNs (they didn't), went to the third floor and got on another line, got my replacement slip, then I went two blocks away to the jury room, got on line there and finally got to sit in the big room where I was prepared to serve my "day or two".

I pulled out my sock and was ready to settle in for the day. The man two rows in front of my was snoring so hard I was sure he was hurting himself. Really, can't you get a brain tumor snoring like that?

After less than an hour, they called a bunch of names including mine. No problem, it'll take up a little time before they send me back to the big room when I can maybe make a list of all the things medically wrong with snoring man. Maybe I could leave it near him anonymously.

The guard, Mike, was very nice and very friendly. He led us through the maze of the new courthouse, and secured us in a room where the air conditioning was set so high I near about froze to death.

To make a long story short, I went through the judge's questions, then on to round two of lawyer questioning called voir dire, and then Mike escorted us to the waiting room while the lawyers "x-ed' out the folks they didn't want. All the while I'm wondering if I can finish a whole sock in a day. Fifteen minutes later, we were back in the courtroom, and they dismissed 11 jurors and kept 5. I was one of the 5. Rats!

No sock knitting in the big room for me. And I was all prepared to give my professional medical opinion to snoring man, albeit anonymously. Um ... did I mention that I have absolutely NO medical training whatsoever? How am I supposed to save snoring man's life if I have to sit on a case?

Anyway, I get to go back to work tomorrow, then it's back to jury duty for the rest of the week. I can live with that, I guess.

Meanwhile, my son took off with the camera, so no pictures of knitting today. Maybe tomorrow.

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  1. I was wondering how your day went. Hopefully you had a nice weekend!