September 07, 2009

OK, I'm Back

Whew, jury duty is over. Actually it was over on Monday and I went back to work on Tuesday, but I had such a head cold that I could barely function. I don't think my boss was thinking what I was thinking while I coughed, hacked and wheezed through the week ... swine flu. If I was him I would have sent me home.

When other people cough, I hear 'oink, oink'. It's ridiculous, I know. I ride the NY City Subway system and and I should be more worried about other things. The subway is like a moving hospital emergency room sometimes, I swear!

Anyway, I got a little knitting done, not much because I'm still trying to sleep off this cold.

Here's a stole I'm working on for my friend Audra. She's getting married in early December so I started today with the hopes that I can work quickly and without mistakes. It's the Baltic Sea Stole:

I think it would be prettier in a multicolor yarn, but it's for a wedding so white seems appropriate.

Then I did manage to pin the Sipalu Bag from Knit Picks:

The only heavy duty lining they had at my local fabric store was black. I guess that's ok, but I wanted something in a dark purple. No luck, though. They no longer sell this bag as a kit anymore, but the Palette yarn is reasonably priced (starting at $1.99), if you don't mind buying 17 skeins of it.

Lastly, I finished sewing up the Baby Albert (by Sally Melville) sweater which would be fine for the new baby is she weighs about 3 pounds, and I hope she weighs more than that! It's super small which is OK because nothing in my knitting world goes to waste. This sweater will join the others I made for the preemie project in February.

So that's it for now. Hopefully I'll have finished something - anything by the next time I blog.

I have to start hunting around for a prize to give one of the ladies in the knitting group for making the 'most creative' blanket for the Linus Project. Making blankets is boring, so just having to come up with something creative with appliques or bows or whatever for a prize might make it more interesting. I hope!

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  1. Hope you'll feel all better soon! Knitting blanket is not boring! :o)
    I'm knitting Baby stuff right now too, boy that goes fast! :o)