August 14, 2009

Fair Isle Forever

The fair isle sweater from Knit Picks is coming along nicely. I picked it up again because there's a million balls of yarn that need to go from stash to wardrobe and since this was started I figured I'd better get to it - again.

This is my third stranded knitting project in a row (Nordic Lights socks, Sipalu bag and now this), but the only project that involved steeking.

Steeking stresses me out no matter how many articles I read, no matter how many You Tube videos I watch. My knitter friends have done their best to encourage me, I love you all, but I think I should start drinking wine or beer or something (Wild Turkey, Mad Dog, Ripple).

Sleeve #1 is still being worked on and while I can see where it all went not so perfect, I'm taking that with me to the grave because it involves me (what else?) not reading the instructions far enough ahead.

The Sipalu bag is ready for blocking, I'll have pictures when it's done. Lining it is going to be problematic since I never had to line anything that wasn't square and flat. We'll see what happens.

Oh, and by the way, my clothes have not had a food fight in 2 days! Yay!

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