June 05, 2009

Donating Time

I would say that 99% of everything I knit is given away, mostly to charity, some as gifts. It's nice to give 'things', but sometimes it's better to give time. That's what I did today, along with a few of my co-workers and the staff at Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club.

The firm I work for is huge on philanthropic endeavors, and one of the recipients of their grants is Kips Bay, where I went instead of going to work today. But I really did work!

Below is one of our hosts for the day, Al Rodriguez, a very nice man, who gave us an orientation of sorts and told us all about what Kips Bay has to offer. (Pardon the picture, my battery was low so the shot was delayed and then moved). They have quite a few programs and judging by the things I was cleaning, they have everything to keep the children entertained - everything.

Rachel Bayron was there taking pictures and she was the first person I met when I got there, and she's taking pictures for their web page. As I understand it, our faces are going to be on their website.

I helped to clean the computer room, washed windows and shelves in the recreation room, and then attempted to paint a mural, but I have to say, it was frustrating that I can't paint inside the lines, so I have to limit my creativity to fiber related things.

And just when I was sure I couldn't climb up or bend over one more time, it was time for lunch.


The hours I spent there working is the very rewarding. I feel like I made a difference by helping to clean up for the children that would be arriving later in the day. I think we all felt good about it. Can't you tell by our smiles?

I have to thank Janette for inviting me, my managers for letting me go, and my firm for providing us with the free tee shirts. It's safe to say I'd do it again.

Janette, call me when it's time to go back!

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