February 04, 2009

I Love To Knit

There is never enough time to knit as much as I want to - ever. My serious knitting time starts during knitting circle/class on Saturday mornings. It's usually the place where I decide what to knit next, without forgetting to keep my obligation to knitting the project du jour for the class.

This month is the preemie project, and to that end, I finished this project:

Of course the hat is on the sticks, but I got sidetracked making Mary's beret (and gloves):

She loved it and sent me the prettiest thank you card in the world! She really didn't have to because the gift was my way of thanking her for supporting me as a friend all these years and for being so encouraging ever since I've known her. Thanks for everything Mary!

After the beret, I thought I'd use my newly purchased Knit Picks yarn (Shadow, in Juniper), the softest yarn I've touched in a long time. It was my thought to make a tam and scarf:

But this yarn wasn't suitable for the pattern, so I went to this pattern instead:

It's the Estonian Lace Scarf by Nancy Bush. It's time consuming, I've been knitting for hours and I'm only this far, but the payoff is going to be huge because it's my first holiday gift for 2009. Let's see how this goes.

After all of this, there's going to be a bunch of socks in my future. Small, portable, and offering immediate gratification.

All of this knitting and I only managed to make ONE skein of yarn disappear! What's up with that?

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