February 21, 2009

Ladies, You're The Best!

The ladies that make up the Soundview Stitchers have been a bunch of busy bees indeed. With a Patons slipper knit-along (KAL), the preemie project going on, and everyone trying to teach everyone else something, the ladies still managed to rack up a bundle of goods for the babies in the NICU.

We aren't the only ones that contributed to this batch of goodies. There was Cathy Bautista and some ladies in a circle called Purls of Hope. Thanks ladies!

Miss Winnie held a pair of booties in her hand so you can see how small (and cute) they are:

We also have a new member of the circle family, Miladys, who made her very first thing - booties. She was a little camera shy so only her cutie pie booties are shown here:

Then there are the intrepid few that didn't let the slipper KAL frighten them off.

There's Winnie who is happy as pie about her project. You should see the smile behind that pretty in pink slipper! Good job Winnie!

And there's Carmen R. who is whipping right along with her slipper. I think she's still working on her first slipper, but she's moving right along and making serious progress. Unlike yours truly (that would be me) who dumped the slipper at the first opportunity. Carmen, you're a trooper!

And the winner is - Carol! She actually FINISHED a slipper! Congratulations! It really is a nice looking slipper, good color and proportion. With all that effort, I think she should get a reward.

Next week - the Madeleines are on me!

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