October 18, 2013


It's the night before the big day and I'm mostly packed and ready to meet the bus at 7:30a.  By almost packed just means I've packed empty bags to carry my loot home in, and I've picked all the layers I'll be wearing so that I can shed them as/if the temperature should rise.

My camera is charged and my knitting is packed - well ready to go anyway:

But tonight I'll be dreaming about the trip.  The trees are as lovely as the yarn and fiber in the booths:

Yes, it gets crowded, but everyone is laid back, not like rush hour on the subway during the work week.  Everyone just moseys along:

And I get to see some of the people that I only know from online (they are real people after all!).

And then there's my favorite part of the trip - fried dough!

If you have never been to the New York Sheep and Wool Festival (aka Rhinebeck), you should put it on your bucket list.  It is arguably the largest of the sheep and wool festivals and whatever you're looking for in the fiber world, you can probably find it there.

After tomorrow's trip, I will have new pictures of all the things I see (except for the fried dough - that won't be new), and while I'm not planning a whole lot of purchases one never knows, do one?

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  1. Hi Sharon. It was nice meeting you Saturday (as we stood in the hour-long line for Miss Babs yarn). :-) Did you manage to get the rest of the items on your shopping list???