October 11, 2013

More Spinzilla

I'm on my third braid of fiber for Spinzilla, which lasts for one week.  During the 21 days of the Tour de Fleece, I only managed to spin up 4 braids, and in real life it usually takes me a week to spin one braid, if I dedicate myself.

The yarn for Spinzilla is measured in singles (unplied yarn), and the objective is to spin as much as you can in one week.  I'm not feeling very confident, even though I'm spinning all the time like crazy.

Day 1 & 2:  I wasted two days in an attempt to spin up the 8 ounces of Cheviot I purchased from The Woolery.  I knew it was a mess when I took it out of the bag:

It was full of veggie matter, it smelled awful and I thought I could spin it and clean it at the same time.  Like I said, two days wasted.  I should have combed it first.  At any rate, I ended up with overplied singles measurement of 384 yards which I ended up making into a two ply yarn:

The only thing this yarn is good for is potholders.  I'm too disappointed to talk about it.

Day 3:  The second fiber I spun up was 4 ounces of North American wool from Paradise Fibers.  This yarn was white, clean and a joy to spin:

I spun this up quickly and my singles measured 475 yards and is Navajo plied:

About now I was tired of spinning up white fiber - even though I have a lot of it to spin:

And that's only the white I could get my hands on - there's more than that around here.

Day 4: decided that some color is warranted, so I found some Rhinofluff, 100% BFL which is a joy to spin not only for texture, but for color.  Thank you Sojourn Knitter!

This yarn is turning out very thin, but the spinning is going kind of fast so I think I can finish it by tomorrow.  I'll still have time during this week to start yet another braid.  Maybe this Icelandic:

What do you think?

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  1. Hear ye, hear ye. I declare your most recent endeavors in the fibre arts in keeping with the standards of excellence set forth by the Most High Council of Sheep domiclied in Sheepshire, Knittingham.
    In other words, you rock roving of any quality. Way to go!