August 10, 2013

Bon Chance, CC!

Our little knitting group ebbs and swells, but there are a few people that come faithfully almost every Saturday.  One of those knitters is C.C., who is leaving our group and headed to the weaving capital of the world, in California.

We wish her well, we wish her happiness and we sure wish her joy as she spends her days learning, and possibly teaching, as she graces her new group of friends doing what she loves - weaving - surrounded by a group that loves it as much as she does.  We will miss you.

I see Maria hit you up for some last minute instructions:

And we can't thank Joanne enough for introducing you to us in the first place:

And the afternoon's refreshments were pretty delightful, too.

Safe travels C.C. and drop us a line sometime while you are surrounded by weavers and the sheep that you get your weaving wool from.

After the library I came home and saw the prettiest flowers near my front door:

These flowers grow in my front yard every year, and usually they are all pink, but this year they have blue tips.  Does anyone know what these flowers are called - besides just pretty?

And then I went to my back yard looking for signs of life and found this:

This flower was growing all alone in a bush.  I don't know what it is, but it sure was happy all dressed in pink with a ruby red ring around it's white center.  I don't know what it is either, other than just pretty.

My chicks and hens are just starting to bloom, not much to look at, but they look so nice in the front yard:

Pink flowers seems to be a theme in my yard.  At least I know what these are.

I have been knitting and spinning and I hope to have something to show tomorrow.  I'll have at least one sock and some spools to show of the Rambouillet I spun which I must tell you all about.  I love it!

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  1. I adore all the blooms in your yard. Not sure what variety, but the pink ones appear to be lilies by it's petal shape and stamen. The white flower looks to be a morning glory blossom. Gorgeous!