January 25, 2013

Way Busy

It's been one crazy week, I tell you - or rather, I would tell you if I remembered any of it.  I've been on auto pilot for a few days and the only reason I'm able to blog now is because the Aleve finally kicked in.  Sheesh!

I did make a pair of socks, or rather, I made the same socks yet again, but with different yarn.  These are Socks on a Plane (minus the cable, again), but with Felici from Knit Picks:

So here's what I learned about using self striping yarn and toe up socks:  if you make one sock from the inside of a center pull skein, then you should start the second sock from the inside as well.  I also learned that with self striping socks, it's not an exact science as to where the stripes will go, but you should start from the first solid color that comes up, so that your toes match, at least.

One of the socks above is pulled from the inside of a skein, the other.  They're OK, but they were less than perfect, so they went to son who loves self striping socks and is getting a kick out of getting every pair of socks I knit.  If you're using self striping yarn like the yarn above, you're much better off with the after thought heel.  Trust me on that.

In an attempt to go easy on myself, I started yet another pair of toe up socks, again using the Socks on a Plane pattern from Laura Linneman (The Knit Girllls).  This time with Crystal Palace Panda Yarn (51% bamboo, 39% superwash wool and 10% nylon).  It's squishy, antibacterial and pretty:

 I seem to be on a blue kick lately.  This is the last time I'm making these socks for awhile.  The pattern is just so darn easy to memorize that I'm actually enjoying it.  Not to mention it's portable and goes on the subway with me.

Lastly, I had a mail call today and it was a gift I was expecting and anticipating.  You're not going to believe this but here's what came:

OMG!  It's an Ashford, and cuter than cute in it's 'littleness'.  Now you must understand that my hands don't work too well so I had a tough time putting this little e-spinner together, but if you had to do it, it's a cinch!  I put it together and found some left over fiber (as if that's a real thing - what is left over fiber really, but fiber you never finished spinning for whatever reason).

There's a learning curve, for sure.  I will show you what I managed to spin when it's done resting, but I was able to spin faster and thinner than ever before.  I was zooming right along, making all kinds of mistakes and loving every minute of it!

I think I'm done buying spinning machines, especially since I never seem to have time to do anything these days.

My physical therapist said that the hands healing is going to take a while and I though she meant a few weeks, even though she said it could take months.  The way things are going, I think it's going to be years.  Not because she's not doing a good job, but because the abuse (knitting) goes on.

As I said, if you willingly disregard the warning, then you willingly accept the consequences.  Right?  Right.

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