June 27, 2011

Is It Possible?

Getting home late is a direct impediment to my goal of having fiber prepared before the Tour de Fleece.  Today I had to go buy a pair of shoes for work.  I hate shoe shopping!  Things would go so much better for me if they just let me wear sneakers all day long.

When I was growing up I wore clogs.  Remember those?  Well, when I was growing up they cost $8.99, and today I went to the store and saw a pair of leather clogs that were $130!  I must be getting old to have seen the price go from inexpensive to ridiculous.

Now, about the tour ...

It was my intention to prepare some fiber, but all I got to do was separate some fiber:

This is number one on the list, Hand Painted Roving, 4 ounces of BFL in persimmon from Greenwood Fiberworks on Etsy.  I love to spin BFL because it's so squishy soft when it's all done up.  Half of this will be spun on my trindle (which I still haven't found it - yikes!) and the other half on my Lendrum.  I'm nerve wracked but excited.

Tomorrow I'll finish prepping, gather my tools and fiber together in one spot and then seriously consider how over my head I have gone.

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  1. I've just discovered crocs!!! After wearing Birkenstocks for more than a decade, I just could not walk in them anymore,without my feet hurting like hell. My mom sent me some mock crocs and from the moment they were on my feet, the felt so wonderful, and no pain. So I got me some real crocs, different models too. They are totally plastic, and go against what I want - leather, but since my feet don't hurt anymore, I don't CARE! They have all kinds of models, not just clogs. I just have to be very careful because one bite from Denny and they are gone.

    I don't think I'll have time to prep fiber before the spinning begins. Have a ton of cleaning to do the next few days, and other stuff, but at least i've located my fiber, and it's way to much for that short time. Have you ever showed a photo of your Lendrum wheel? How do you like it?